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My belief

I firmly believe that the path to consistently good and expressive singing lies within the constancy of the process we create for ourselves rather than the transitory results that we are able to achieve, and that the observation and analysis of the physical actions involved in creating a sound, an emotional connection or a musical line are the key to this process. The mastery and the husbandry of this process is what gives us the vocal freedom to truly express ourselves. 


Our job is not to create sound but to create the environment in which sound can flourish. Our job is not to be musical or expressive but to create a process which consistently 'maintains' our instrument and keeps the channel open to our emotional core so that the music and the drama of the text can filter through the unique ability of expression that we each possess. 




  • ​Founder and Artistic leader of Vocal Masterclass Stockholm.

  • Singing teacher to members of the ensemble and chorus of the Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm.

  • Guest pedagogue Paris working sessions.


  • The art of singing in English' OHS Stockholm

  • The art of singing in English' World Voice Day, Stockholm and Birkegårdens Folkhögskola



2002 - 2023​

  • Masterclass Malmö Musikhögskolan

  • Masterclass Ingesund Musikhögskolan

  • Masterclass Stockholm Konstnärlig Högskolan

  • Masterclass Operahögskolan, Oslo

  • Coaching on Albert Herring Masters course Operahögskolan , Stockholm

Choir workshops:

  • Hägerstens Kyrkokör: Storkyrkans Domkyrkokör

  • Birkegårdens Folkhögskola: Lecture ' Consonants and Legato in English song'

  • Rigoletto workshops, Opera de Lille, France.

  • Opera workshops: Madesjö skolan, Nybro.

  • Opera workshops AK 1 - 3, Oscarsgymnasium, Oskarshamn.

  • Opera workshops AK 1 – 3, Jenny Nyström Gymnasium; Kalmar.

Workshop leader;


  • Glyndebourne Education dept

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