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In a career spanning over 35 years of singing I have learned that there is never just one way from which to approach a problem. I believe that no two students are alike and that although the destination is often the same there are many different routes one can take. This is never more true in the teaching of singing.  I have a passionate belief that the cornerstones of good opera singing ie technique, musicianship and communication are so closely linked that to separate them is folly.

As an Education workshop leader I have worked for Glyndebourne Festival Opera and given lectures at Birkegårdens Folkhögskola, Stockholm as well as taught voice at Oskarshamns Gymnasium, Oskarshamn and Jenny Nyströms Gymnasium, Kalmar.

Students of all ages are welcome to tackle the simpler areas of singing as well as the more complicated ones at my studio in Täby, 14 km outside of Stockholm.


  • Language and interpretation coaching for Albert Herring at Operahögskolan Stockholm


  • 'The art of singing in English' OHS Stockholm

  • 'The art of singing in English' World Voice Day, Stockholm


2002 - 201

  • Masterclass Operahögskolan, Oslo

  • Coaching on Albert Herring Masters course Operahögskolan , Stockholm

  • Choir workshops: Hägerstens Kyrkokör: Storkyrkans Domkyrkokör

  • Birkegårdens Folkhögskola: Lecture ' Consonants and Legato in English song'

  • Rigoletto workshops, Opera de Lille, France.

  • Opera workshops: Madesjö skolan, Nybro.

  • Opera workshops AK 1 - 3, Oscarsgymnasium, Oskarshamn.

  • Opera workshops AK 1 – 3, Jenny Nyström Gymnasium; Kalmar.

  • Workshop leader , Glyndebourne Education dept:  ’Don Giovanni’,’Figaros bröllop’,’Airheads’


2006 - 2016 

  • Sångpedagog Oscarsgymnasium, Oskarshamn

  • Sångpedagog, Jenny Nyström Gymnasium, Kalmar, samt privata elever.

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